This is me!

I'm 34, by day I am a senior operations manager for a car finance provider, by night, I am a very proud Mummy to a very energetic (and blooming hilarious!) 4 year old boy, called Chester!

I am also midway through my masters degree, and of course - I run Ethel & George.

My little crochet business has been running for 8 years time flies! My great grandmother, Alice, initially taught me to crochet when I was very young. I put down the hook for years as I experienced the usual (boys, beer, partying...) but then picked it back up in my mid 20s.

My god-daughter, Freya was born, and her Mummy found it ever difficult to find pretty, delicate clips for her daughter's hair. And so be it, Ethel and George was born!

Crochet is so relaxing...especially if you have a stressful job and manic home life, like me! I fully recommend giving it a go...and for those of you thinking crochet is old fashioned and 'granny' - think again! I am as far from Mumsy as you can get, and I am 99.9% sarcasm...crochet is for all!

Anyway, I crochet for calm, and I crochet for treats. We're so thankful for every single purchase, like, share and comment.. I truly hope you love my items, I am so pleased to continue making them for you all!

Much love,

Lucy x